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A: The NSPI (National Spa and Pool Institute) is a nationwide Service Technician Certification Program. After completion, an individual receives a certificate stating he/she is now a CSP (Certified Service Professional).

A: A clean, safe, enjoyable pool and spa can best be maintained by a qualified professional. The NSPI registered pool technician has passed comprehensive standard examinations and training. For example, when your car breaks down you take it to a mechanic. When your plumbing backs up you call a licensed plumber. So why trust your pool to anyone less than a proven professional?

A: This is simple. Any time you are unable to, or would rather not perform a task that involves your pool, contact us. For the most part, we can supply you with any product you may need or desire as well.

A: We are committed to a lightning fast response. We will certainly aim to offer same day service if and when possible. However, during peak season same day service is not always feasible. Depending on the nature of your issue & the volume of our schedule we may provide you with our next available appointment. We vow to never overbook ourselves which allows us to guarantee quality service.
A: Please do not hesitate to contact us using the method which is most convenient for you. Remember: No question is a stupid question, only those which arent asked.
A: Typically we can provide this info over the telephone or by email upon request. For any contractual work, we will set forth all of the details in a mutual contract regarding this sort of information. Workmanship warranties will vary depending on the scope of work to be performed. However, we recognize all manufacturers warranties/guarantees for all products purchased through us. We can facilitate a claim on your behalf if needed, for products purchased through us. We are not a warranty service center, your options for an authorized warranty service center will be determined by the individual manufacturer of said product in mention. We always go above and beyond to resolve any warranty issues to the clients' benefit as much as possible.