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Patriot Pools of Virginia, LLC

Custom Built Swimming Pools

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We Aren't Nosy, But- Your Dream Pool & Satisfaction Are Our Business!


Our mission is to provide maximum quality results at a great price. We strive for excellence! We at Patriot Pools of Virginia take extreme pride in our company and the work that we perform. Also, we value our reputation and the loyalty of our client base very highly.

We will remain current in our knowledge of in-ground swimming pools and system standards as well as city, state, and code guidelines & licensure. Additionally, we will continue to enhance & expand our products and services accordingly, based on industry trends and the variation of client demand.
Patriot Pools is a team of seasoned individuals who left behind a long history of employment with an existing pool company. In combination, 30 years of experience is under our company belt! We have gained our expertise through hands on job performance.
Mr. Aaron Shock, founder of Patriot Pools of Virginia LLC, is a Virginia Beach native who loves his hometown, jet noise and all! He's well known in the area and can't seem to go anywhere without bumping in to a friend. Aaron has been building swimming pools since the late 90's when he was just a lad in high school. He has successfully executed the State of Virginia contractors licensing exam as well as being certified by the NSPA. He's a well seasoned pool contractor minus the gimmicks. Aaron doesn't delegate your project out to subcontractors, he's on site and performing the work on each construction project. What does he do for fun? He works! Okay, he also runs many miles per week too!
Miss Jamie B., Operations Manager, is not a Virginia Beach native but she loves jet noise too! She has proudly served in the United States Army (hooah) and has years of experience in construction, chemicals, customer service, being a team player and all things leadership. Jamie really connects with people from all walks of life. Our customers appreciate her strong communication skills, her warmth, sense of humor and her unsurpassed dedication to their needs. She has a huge heart and a ton of guts. All in all, she's an irreplaceable asset to our company.
We have worked for, under, and with the best of the best where we not only learned the "dos" from the best, but also the "don'ts" from the mistakes of other companies in the pool industry.
We've all heard the statement, "You get what you pay for". Which usually does prove to be true when you receive a deal or find a great bargain. You soon realize that there was a reason the price was so good, because the item(s) you purchased were either of poor quality or damaged right? Well that's just not the case with us. Yes, you heard right - we are an exception to that rule! You will get great quality products, service, and labor performance without breaking the bank....or even the "cuss jar" for that matter!


Our Team:
CEO Aaron Shock has spent the vast majority of his adult life building some of the most elaborate pools known to this area. He lives to share the fun, tranquility and relaxation that a pool offers. He wants to make sure you enjoy your own experience as much as he has enjoyed creating 100's of backyard getaways.
Operations Manager, Jamie B., is also a huge fan of the water. She makes sure that everything runs smoothly from project start through finish. Jamie ensures that not only are you being heard, but that your questions are being answered. She thrives on your satisfaction!
As members of the BBB, you will find us listed on their site where you can research accreditation!